Have you ever been frustrated by the impact of stormwater ponds on your development?

Are you missing an opportunity to add a developable lot or outparcel due to stormwater requirements?

Are you an airport or seaport operations director, concerned about the impact of existing stormwater ponds on the safety or efficiency of your facilities?

Or, are you a public works director, facing increasingly stringent environmental requirements or neighborhood flooding issues without adequate funding to address them?

We are former regulators and stormwater experts who saw an opportunity to improve the system.

We recognize that stormwater pond locations are driven by regulations to be located with the development, but this usually results in suboptimization. The land costs may be high enough that the loss of land area to stormwater treatment blows up the pro forma. Or, several “postage stamp” ponds may be required on individual parcels when a single, regional treatment pond may provide improved environmental results. The truth is, there are better, more cost-effective solutions. We created National Stormwater Trust to open a new kind of stormwater marketplace. We developed a mechanism to locate stormwater treatment on lower cost land, and in better locations to optimize water quality benefits for the environment. 

Many communities struggle with water quality challenges… and how to fund solutions.

Communities and businesses need clean water to thrive. Unfortunately, many communities are plagued with stormwater problems, including aging infrastructure, flooding, and increasingly stringent regulatory standards. Traditional public debt financing and grant funding is slow and uncertain, adding to a backlog of improvements and repairs to aging stormwater systems. Yet, we have a greater need than ever for effective stormwater management, including water collection, storage and treatment for flood and pollution control, aquifer recharge, and surface-water protection. This is best achieved through private investment, because current levels of public funding are insufficient to maintain or upgrade existing stormwater infrastructure. New funding sources and unconventional stormwater solutions will extend the life of existing infrastructure, supplement traditional water supplies, and improve water quality.

Stormwater Ponds don’t mix well with some activities…

While stormwater ponds can be designed as amenities in some kinds of development, there are other locations where no pond is a “good pond.” Aviation facilities are optimal candidates for offsite stormwater treatment, which frees up developable land for airside expansion or tenant projects and removes wildlife hazards. As evidenced by back to back contract approvals at Tampa International Airport, we can provide these services in a cost-effective way. 

NST is a stormwater management company

We take over the operation of stormwater ponds, and we deploy the latest technology to provide state-of-the-art stormwater treatment solutions for the benefit of our partners and the environment. NST recently partnered with the Florida Department of Transportation to provide regional stormwater treatment services under an exclusive public-private partnership. Through this partnership with FDOT, NST develops, permits, and operates FDOT regional stormwater facilities and can permanently reserve for NST customers a specified volume of stormwater treatment capacity to offset the stormwater treatment requirements associated with any size project. With this arrangement, NST’s customers can fully develop their real property without setting aside the land or capital usually required for a new development’s stormwater infrastructure. Further, long term ongoing costs associated with stormwater facilities operation and maintenance are avoided. Under certain circumstances, existing stormwater facilities may be eligible for decommissioning and development after being re-permitted in an offsite NST facility.

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